Psalms 79


A Cry Unto The LORD

A psalm to Asaph.

1O God, [2come 1nations] into your inheritance; they defiled [3temple 2holy 1your]; they made Jerusalem as a storehouse of fruits. 2They made the decaying flesh of your servants foods for the winged creatures of the heaven; the flesh of your sacred ones for the wild beasts of the earth. 3They poured out their blood as water round about Jerusalem; and there was no one burying them. 4We became scorn to our neighbors; for a sneering and taunting by the ones round about us. 5For how long, O  lord? Will you be provoked to anger to the end? Will [2burn 3as 4fire 1your zeal]? 6Pour out your anger upon nations, the ones not perceiving you! and upon kingdoms in which [2your name 1they called not upon]. 7For they devoured Jacob, and [2his place 1made] desolate. 8You should not remember our lawless deeds of old. Quickly let [2be first to take 3us 1your compassions]! for we are [2poor 1exceedingly]. 9Help us, O God our deliverer, because of the glory of your name! O  lord, rescue us, and atone our sins, because of your name! 10Lest at any time [3should say 1the 2nations], Where is their God? then let it be known among the nations, before our eyes, the vengeance for the blood of your servants being poured out! 11Let [5enter 6before 7you 1the 2moaning 3of the ones 4being shackled]! According to the greatness of your arm protect the sons of the ones being put to death! 12Repay to our neighbors seven-fold into their bosom! for their scorning which they berated you, O  lord. 13But we are your people, and the sheep of your pasture. We shall confess to you, O God, into the eon; for generation and generation we shall declare your praise.
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