Psalms 93


The LORD Reigns

For the day before the Sabbath; when [3was settled 1the 2land]; praise of an ode to David.

1The  lord reigned; [2beauty 1he put on]; the  lord put on power and girded himself. For he solidified the inhabitable world, which shall not be shaken. 2[2was prepared 1Your throne] from then; from the eon you are. 3[3lifted up 1The 2rivers], O  lord, [3lifted up 1the 2rivers] their voices. 4[3shall take away 1The 2rivers]; you shall wear them away by sounds [2waters 1of many]. [5are wonderful 1the 2crests 3of the 4sea]; [3is wonderful 4in 5high places 1the 2  lord]. 5 Your testimonies are trustworthy -- exceedingly. [3to 4your house 2is becoming 1Sanctification], O  lord, for the duration of days.
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