Psalms 99


The LORD is Holy

A psalm to David.

1The  lord reigned. Let [2be angry 1peoples]! He is the one sitting upon the cherubim. Let [3be shaken 1the 2earth]! 2The  lord [2in 3Zion 1is great], and is high above all the peoples. 3Let them acknowledge [3name 1your 2great]! for [2fearful 3and 4holy 1he is]. 4And the honor of the king [2equity 1loves]. You prepared straight judgment; and [3righteousness 4in 5Jacob 1you 2established]. 5Raise up high the  lord our God, and do obeisance at the footstool of his feet! for he is holy. 6Moses and Aaron are among his priests, and Samuel is among the ones calling upon his name. They called upon the  lord, and he listened to them. 7In a column of cloud he spoke to them; for they guarded his testimony, and his orders which he gave to them. 8O  lord our God, you heeded them. O God, you [2propitious 1became] to them, yet punishing over all their practices. 9Raise up high the  lord our God, and do obeisance at [2mountain 1his holy]! for [3is holy 1the  lord 2our God].
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