Psalms 10


The LORD Breaks the Arm of the Wicked

1Why, O  lord, have you abstained far off? neglected at opportune times in afflictions? 2In the being prideful by the impious one, [3is burnt 1the 2poor one]; they are seized by the deliberations which they argue. 3For [3applauds 1the 2sinner] in the desires of his soul; and the one doing wrong blesses himself. 4[3provoked 4the 5  lord 1The 2sinner] according to the magnitude of his anger; he shall not seek after God; [2is not 1God] before him; 5[2are profane 1his ways] at all time; [2are taken away 1your judgments] from in front of him; [2all 3his enemies 1he shall dominate]. 6For he said in his heart, In no way should I be shaken from generation to generation; I shall exist without bad happening; 7whose curse his mouth is full of, and bitterness, and treachery; under his tongue is toil and misery; 8he lies in wait to ambush with the rich in concealment, to kill the innocent; his eyes [2against 3the 4needy 1look]. 9He lies in wait in concealment as a lion in his lair; he lies in wait to snatch away the poor; to snatch away the poor when he draws him. In his snare he humbles him. 10He shall bow and fall in his dominating the needy. 11For he said in his heart, God has been forgotten, he turned his face to not see into the end. 12Rise up, O  lord my God! Raise up high your hand to not forget your needy unto the end! 13For what reason did [3provoke 5to anger 1the 2impious 4God]? For he said in his heart, He shall not require an account. 14For you see. You [2misery 3and 4rage 1contemplate] to deliver him into your hands. [3have been abandoned to you 1The 2poor], to the orphan you were a helper. 15Break the arm of the sinner and wicked one! [2shall be sought for 1His sin], and in no way shall he be found. 16The  lord is king into the eon, and into the eon of the eon. You shall be destroyed, O nations, from out of his land. 17[2the 3desire 4of the 5needy 1You heard], O  lord, [3the 4preparation 5of their heart 2took heed to 1your ear], 18to judge orphans, and the humble; that [2should not 3proceed 4still 5to brag 1man] upon the earth.
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