Psalms 103


Bless The LORD, O My Soul

A psalm to David.

Bless [3O my soul 1the 2  lord], and all the things within me, bless [2name 1his holy]! Bless [3O my soul 1the 2  lord], and forget not all his recompenses! the one propitiating all your lawlessnesses; the one healing all your diseases; the one ransoming [2from out of 3corruption 1your life]; the one crowning you with mercy and compassions; the one filling [2with 3good things 1your desire]. [2shall be renewed 3as 4an eagle 1Your youth]. The one doing charity is the  lord, and judgment to all the ones having been wronged. He made known his ways to Moses; to the sons of Israel his wants. Pitying and merciful is the  lord; lenient and full of mercy. Not unto the end shall he be provoked to anger, nor into the eon will he cherish wrath. 10 Not according to our lawless deeds did he deal with us; nor according to our sins did he recompense to us. 11 For as the height of the heaven from the earth, so the  lord fortified his mercy upon the ones fearing him. 12 According to as much as the distance eastwards from westwards, he set afar from us our lawlessnesses. 13 As [2pities 1a father] his sons, so the  lord pities the ones fearing him. 14 For he knew our shape, he remembered that we are dust. 15 Man, as grass, so are his days; as a flower of the field, so he shall blossom. 16 For as wind goes by him, and it no longer exists, so also he shall not recognize [2any longer 1his place]. 17 But the mercy of the  lord from the eon, and unto the eon, is upon the ones fearing him. And his righteousness is upon the sons of the sons; 18 to the ones guarding his covenant, and to the ones remembering his commandments to observe them. 19 The  lord [3in 4the 5heaven 1prepared 2his throne], and [2his kingdom 1he is master of all]. 20 Bless the  lord all you his angels, mighty in strength, executing his word, to hearken to the sound of his words! 21 Bless the  lord, all you his forces! his ministers performing his will. 22 Bless the  lord, all you his works, in every place of his dominion! Bless [3O my soul 1the 2  lord]!
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