Psalms 11


The LORD Loves Justice

For the director; a psalm to David.

Upon the  lord I have yielded. How shall you say to my soul, Migrate unto the mountains as a sparrow? For behold, the sinners stretch tight the bow; they prepare arrows for the quiver, to shoot in moonlight the straight in heart. That which you readied, they demolished; but the just, what did they do? The  lord is in [2temple 1his holy]; the  lord is in heaven his throne; his eyes [2unto 3the 4needy 1pay attention]; his eyelids inquire diligently of the sons of men. The  lord inquires diligently to the just and the impious; but the one loving injustice detests his own soul. He shall rain [2upon 3sinners 1snares]; fire and sulphur and [2wind 1a gale] shall be the portion of their cup. For the  lord is just, and [2righteousness 1he loves]; [3straightness 2perceived 1his face].
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