Psalms 110


The Order of Melchisedek

A psalm to David.

1[3said 1The 2  lord] to my Lord, Sit down at my right hand until whenever I should make your enemies a footstool for your feet. 2[4a rod 5of power 2shall send out 3to you 1The  lord] from out of Zion; and you dominate in the midst of your enemies! 3With you is the sovereignty in the day of your power, with the brightness of your holy ones. From out of the womb before the morning star I engendered you. 4The  lord swore by an oath, and shall not repent, saying, You are a priest unto the eon according to the order of Melchisedek. 5The  lord at your right hand fractured [2in pieces 3in 4the day 5of his anger 1kings]. 6He shall judge among the nations; he shall fill up with corpses; he shall fracture in pieces heads upon the earth -- many. 7[2from out of 3the rushing stream 4in 5the way 1He shall drink]; on account of this he shall raise up high a head.
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