Psalms 111


The LORD Pities and is Merciful


1I shall make acknowledgment to you, O  lord, with [2entire 3heart 1my], in the counsel of the upright, and in the congregation. 2Great are the works of the  lord, being inquired for all his wants. 3[2is acknowledgeable 3and 4with majesty 1His work]; and his righteousness abides into the eon of the eon. 4[2a memorial 1He made] for his wonders; merciful and pitying is the  lord. 5A nourishment he gave to the ones fearing him; [2shall be remembered 3into 4the 5eon 1his covenant]. 6The strength of his works he announced to his people; to give to them the inheritance of nations. 7The works of his hands are truth and equity; trustworthy are all his commandments; 8fixed into the eon of the eon; done in truth and uprightness. 9[2a ransoming 1He sent] to his people; he gave charge into the eon concerning his covenant; holy and fearful is his name. 10The beginning of wisdom is fear of the  lord; [3understanding 1and 2good] to all the ones observing it. The praise of him abides into the eon of the eon.
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