Psalms 116


The LORD Listens to the Afflicted


I loved that [2shall listen to the  lord] the voice of my supplication. For he leaned his ear to me; and during my days I shall call upon him. [3compassed 4me 1The pangs 2of death]; the dangers of Hades found me; [2affliction 3and 4grief 1I found]. And the name of the  lord I called upon. O  lord rescue my soul! [3is merciful 1The 2  lord] and just; and our God shows mercy. [3is the one guarding 4the 5infants 1The 2  lord]. I was humbled, and he delivered me. Return, O my soul, to your rest! for the  lord benefited you. For he rescued my soul from out of death; my eyes from tears, and my feet from a slip. I should be well-pleasing before the  lord in the place of the living. 10 I trusted, therefore I spoke; but I was humbled exceedingly. 11 And I said in my change of state, Every man is a liar. 12 What shall I recompense to the  lord for all which he recompensed to me? 13 The cup of deliverance I shall take; and the name of the  lord I shall call upon. 14  My vows to the  lord I will render before all his people. 15 Esteemed before the  lord is the death of his sacred ones. 16 O  lord I am [2servant 1your]; I am [2servant 1your], and a son of your maidservant. You tore up my bonds. 17 To you I shall sacrifice a sacrifice of praise, and [2in 3the name 4of the  lord 1I will call]. 18  [2my vows 3to the 4  lord 1I will render] before all his people, 19 in the courtyards of the house of the  lord, in the midst of you, Jerusalem.
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