Psalms 12


The LORD Hates Deceit

To the director; for the eighth; a psalm to David.

1Deliver me, O  lord! for [2has failed 1the sacred one]; for [3were lessened 1the ones 2in truths] from the sons of men. 2[3vanity 2spoke 1Each] to his neighbor. [2lips 1Deceitful] are in the heart, and by the heart he spoke evils. 3Let the  lord utterly destroy all the [2lips 1deceitful], and [2tongues 1lofty speaking]! 4the ones having said, [2our tongues 1We will magnify]; our lips [2for 3us 1are]; who [2our 3lord 1is]? 5Because of the misery of the poor, and the moaning of the needy, now I will arise, says the  lord, I will establish by deliverance, I will speak openly by him. 6The oracles of the  lord [2oracles 1are pure]; as silver tried in fire, proved in the earth, being purified seven-fold. 7You, O  lord, shall guard us, and you shall carefully keep us from this generation, and into the eon. 8[4round about 1The 2impious 3walk]. According to your stature you took great care of the sons of men.
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