Psalms 122


Confess the Name of The LORD

An ode of the steps.

1I shall be glad over the ones saying to me, [2into 3the house 4of the  lord 1We shall go]. 2[2were standing 1Our feet] in your courtyards, O Jerusalem. 3Jerusalem being built as a city of which the sharing of it is together. 4For there [3ascend 1the 2tribes], tribes of the  lord, for a testimony of Israel, to confess to the name of the  lord. 5For there [2sit 1thrones] in judgment; thrones for the house of David. 6Ask indeed the things for peace to Jerusalem, and prosperity to the ones loving you! 7Let there be peace with your force, and prosperity in your towered fortifications! 8Because of my brethren and my neighbors I spoke indeed peace concerning you. 9Because of the house of the  lord our God, I sought good for you.
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