Psalms 124


Our Help is in the Name of The LORD

An ode of the steps.

1Unless it be that the  lord was with us -- let [3say 2now 1Israel]! 2Unless it was that the  lord was with us in the rising up of men against us, 3then would the ones living have swallowed us in the provoking to anger of his rage against us. 4Then would the water have sunk us; [3the rushing stream 2going through 1our soul]. 5Surely [2went through 1our soul] the [2water 1unsubdued]. 6Blessed be the  lord, who did not give us as game for their teeth. 7 Our soul as a sparrow was rescued from out of the snare of the ones hunting. The snare was broken, and we were rescued. 8 Our help is in the name of the  lord; the one making the heaven and the earth.
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