Psalms 129


The LORD is Just

An ode of the steps.

1Many times they waged war against me from my youth -- Let [3say 2indeed 1Israel]! 2Many times they waged war against me from my youth; and yet they were not able to prevail against me. 3[4upon 5my back 3contrived 1The 2sinners]; they prolonged their lawlessness. 4The  lord is just; he cut down the necks of sinners. 5Let them be shamed, and be turned to the rear! all the ones detesting Zion. 6Let them become as grass on roofs! which before being pulled out were dried; 7of which [3did not 4fill 5his hand 1the 2one harvesting], nor the one [4unto his bosom 2the 3sheaves 1collecting together], 8and [3said not 1the ones 2passing by], The blessing of the  lord be upon you; we bless you in the name of the  lord.
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