Psalms 130


The LORD Will Ransom Israel

An ode of the steps.

From out of the depths I cried out to you, O  lord. O  lord, listen to my voice! Let [2be 1your ears] attentive to the voice of my supplication! If [2lawless deeds 1you should closely watch], O Lord, O  lord, who shall stand? For [3by 4you 1atonement 2is]. Because of your name I waited for you, O  lord. [2waited 1My soul] for your word. [2hoped 1My soul] upon the  lord from [2watch 1the morning] till night. Let Israel hope upon the  lord! for with the  lord is mercy, and an abundant [2by 3him 1ransoming]. And he shall ransom Israel from all his lawlessnesses.
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