Psalms 137


The LORD Remembers Jerusalem

To David through Jeremiah.

1At the rivers of Babylon, there we sat; and we wept in our remembering Zion. 2At the willows in the midst of it we hung our instruments. 3For there [4asked 5us 1the ones 2capturing 3us] of words of odes; and the ones having taken us away asked for a hymn -- Sing to us from the odes of Zion! 4How should we sing the ode of the  lord upon [2land 1an alien]? 5If I should forget you, O Jerusalem, may [2be forgotten 1my right hand]. 6May [2cleave 1my tongue] to my throat if I do not remember you; if I do not prefer Jerusalem as in the beginning of my gladness. 7Remember, O  lord, the sons of Edom in the day of Jerusalem! The ones saying, Empty it out, empty it out unto its foundations! 8The daughter of Babylon, the miserable; blessed is the one who shall recompense you with your recompense, which he was recompensing against us. 9Blessed is the one who shall hold and dash your infants against the rock.
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