Psalms 138


Acknowledge The LORD

A psalm to of David; of Haggai and Zachariah.

1I will confess to you, O  lord, with [2whole 3heart 1my]; and before angels I will strum to you, for you heard all the sayings of my mouth. 2I shall do obeisance towards [2temple 1your holy], and I shall make acknowledgment to your name concerning your mercy and your truth; for you magnified [3above 4all 2name 1your holy]. 3In what ever day I should call upon you, quickly heed me! You shall take great care of me in my soul by your power. 4Let them make acknowledgment to you, O  lord, even all the kings of the earth! for they heard all the sayings of your mouth. 5And let them sing in the ways of the  lord, for great is the glory of the  lord! 6For high is the  lord, and [2the 3humble 1he watches over], and the high things [2from 3afar off 1he knows]. 7If I should go in the midst of affliction, he shall enliven me. [3against 4the anger 5of my enemies 1You stretched out 2your hands], and [2delivered 3me 1your right hand]. 8The  lord shall recompense for me. O  lord, your mercy is into the eon. The works of your hands you should not ignore.
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