Psalms 139


The LORD Knows His Creation

To the director; [2to 3David 1a psalm].

1O  lord, you tried me, and knew me. 2You knew my sitting down and my rising up; you perceived my thoughts from far off. 3 My path and my bent rush grass you traced; and all my ways you looked out ahead. 4For there is no deceit in my tongue. Behold, O  lord, you knew all things; 5the last and the former. You shaped me and put [2upon 3me 1your hand]. 6[4causes wonder 1The 2knowledge 3of you] in me; it was strengthened; in no way should I be able to attain it. 7Where should I go from your spirit? And from your presence where should I flee? 8If I should ascend into the heaven, you are there; if I should go down into Hades, you are at hand. 9If I may take up my wings at dawn, and I should encamp unto the ends of the sea, 10even there your hand shall guide me, and [2shall hold 3me 1your right hand]. 11And I said, Surely darkness shall trample me; even the night was illumination for my luxury; 12for darkness will not be made darkness with you; and night as day shall be given light; as its darkness, so also its light. 13For you acquired of my kidneys; you took hold of me from out of the womb of my mother. 14I will make acknowledgment to you, for fearfully you caused wonder; the wonders of your works; and my soul knows exceedingly. 15[2were not 3hidden 1My bones] from you, which you made in secret; and my essence in the lowermost parts of the earth. 16[3my unfinished state 2saw 1Your eyes]; and on your scroll all men shall be written. Days were shaped, and no one among them. 17[5by me 1But 3exceedingly 4were esteemed 2your friends], O God, [3exceedingly 2were 4strengthened 1their beginnings]. 18I shall count them out, and above the sand they shall be multiplied; I awake, and still I am with you. 19O that you should kill sinners, O God. O men of blood, turn aside from me! 20For you will say concerning their thoughts, that they shall take [2in 3folly 1your cities]. 21Is it not the ones detesting you, O  lord, that I detested? and against your enemies I wasted? 22In perfect hatred I detested them; [2as 3enemies 1they became] to me. 23Try me, O God, and know my heart! Examine me, and know my paths! 24and see if the way of lawlessness is in me, and guide me in [2way 1the eternal]!
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