Psalms 147


Great is Our LORD


Praise the  lord, for [2is good 1a psalm]! [4to 5our God 1may 3be delicious 2praise]. [3is building 4Jerusalem 1The 2  lord]; the dispersions of Israel he shall assemble; the one healing the ones broken in heart; and the one binding their ones being broken; the one counting the multitude of stars; and [2to all 3them 4by names 1calling]. Great is our Lord, and great is his strength; and [3of his understanding 1there is no 2number]. The one taking up the gentle ones is the  lord; but humbling sinners onto the ground. Take the lead to the  lord in acknowledgment! Strum to our God with a harp! to the one covering the heaven with clouds; to the one preparing [2for the 3earth 1rain]; to the one causing [2to rise up 3on 4mountains 1grass], and tender shoots for the service of men; giving to the cattle their nourishment, and to the young of the crows -- to the ones calling upon him. 10 Not by the might of the horse does he want; nor by the lower legs of a man does he think well of. 11 The  lord thinks well in the ones fearing him, and in the ones hoping upon his mercy. 12 Applaud, O Jerusalem, the  lord! Praise your God, O Zion! 13 For he strengthened the bars of your gates; he blessed your sons by you. 14 The one putting your borders at peace; and with fatness of wheat filling you up. 15 The one sending his oracle to the earth; quickly [2shall run 1his word]; 16 yielding up his snow as wool; [2fog 3as 4ashes 1strewing]; 17 throwing his ice as morsels. Before the presence of his chilliness who shall stand? 18 He shall send out his word, and melt them. He shall breathe his breath and [2shall flow 1waters]. 19 The one reporting his oracle to Jacob; [2ordinances 3and 4judgments 1his] to Israel. 20 He did not do thus to every nation, and his judgments he manifested not to them.
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