Psalms 17


The LORD Listens to Our Just Cause

A prayer to David.

1Hear, O  lord, my righteousness! Take heed to my supplication! Give ear to my prayer not uttered by [2lips 1deceitful]! 2[4from 5your presence 2my judgment 1May 3come forth]; [2my eyes 1let] behold uprightness! 3You tried my heart; you visited at night; you set me on fire, and [2was not found 3in 4me 1injustice], so that [2should not 3speak 1my mouth]. 4Concerning the works of men, by the words of your lips I guarded [2ways 1hard]. 5Fashion my footsteps in your roads! that [2should not 3be shaken 1my footsteps]. 6I cried, for you heeded me, O God; lean your ear to me, and hear my words! 7Show the wonder of your mercies! O one delivering the ones hoping upon you, from the ones opposing at your right. 8Guard me, O  lord, as the pupil of the eye! Under the protection of your wings shelter me! 9even from the face of the impious ones causing misery for me. My enemies [2my soul 1compass]. 10 [2in their own fat 1They are enclosed]; their mouth speaks pride. 11They are casting me out now; they surrounded me; their eyes set to turn me to the ground. 12[6they undertook 7me 1As 2a lion 3prepared 4for 5a hunt], and as a cub living in concealment. 13Rise up, O  lord! Be there beforehand with them, and trip them! Rescue my soul from the impious by your broadsword! 14From the enemies by your hand, O  lord; from the few of the earth; divide them in their life. And of your things being hidden [2was filled 1their belly]; they were filled of sons, and [3they leave 1the 2remnants] to their infants. 15But I [4in 5righteousness 1shall appear 2in front 3of you]. I shall be filled in [3appearing 4to me 1your glory].
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