Psalms 19


The Heavens Describe the Glory of God

For the director; a psalm to David.

The heavens describe the glory of God, [5the making 1and 6of his hands 4announces 2the 3firmament]. Day to day bubbles up a saying; and night unto night announces knowledge. There are no speeches nor words which [2are not 3heard 1their voices]. Into all the earth went forth their knell; and unto the ends of the inhabitable world their words. [3in 4the 5sun 1He put 2his tent]. And he, as a groom going forth from out of his nuptial chamber, shall exult as a giant running a journey. From one tip of heaven is his exiting, and his arrival unto the other tip of heaven; and there is not one who shall be concealed from his heat. The law of the lord is unblemished, turning souls. The witness of the  lord is trustworthy, making wise the infants. The ordinances of the  lord are straight, making glad the heart. The commandment of the  lord is radiant, giving light to the eyes. The fear of the  lord is pure, abiding into the eon of the eon. The judgments of the  lord are true, doing justice to the same; 10 desirable above gold, and [3stone 2precious 1much], and sweeter above honey and the honeycomb. 11 For also your servant guards them; in the guarding of them [2reward 1there is great]. 12 [3his transgressions 1Who 2shall perceive]? From out of my private transgressions cleanse me! 13 And from the aliens spare your servant! If they should not dominate me, then I will be unblemished, and I shall be cleansed of [2sin 1great]. 14 And [4will be 5for 6benevolence 1the 2oracles 3of my mouth], and the meditation of my heart before you always, O  lord, my helper and the one ransoming me.
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