Psalms 2


Nations Gather against The LORD

A psalm to David.

1Why did [2neigh 1nations], and peoples meditate upon vain things? 2[5stood by 1The 2kings 3of the 4earth], and the rulers gathered together against the  lord and against his anointed one, 3We should tear up their bonds, and we should throw away from us their yoke. 4The one dwelling in heavens derides them, and the  lord ridicules them. 5Then he shall speak to them in his anger; and in his rage he will disturb them. 6But I was placed king by him over mount Zion, his holy place; 7declaring the order of the  lord. The  lord said to me, [2my son 1you are], I today engendered you. 8Ask from me! and I will give to you nations for your inheritance; and for your possession the ends of the earth. 9You shall tend them with a rod of iron; as vessels of a potter you shall break them. 10And now, O kings, perceive! Let [6be instructed 1all 2the ones 3judging 4the 5earth]! 11Serve to the  lord in fear, and exult to him with trembling! 12Grab instruction! lest at any time you should provoke the  lord to anger, and you shall perish from [2way 1the just], whenever [2should be kindled 3quickly 1his rage]. Blessed are all the ones yielding upon him.
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