Psalms 22


The LORD is Our Hope

To the director; for the assistance of the early morning; a psalm to David.

1O God, my God, take heed to me! Why did you abandon me? [4are far 5from 6my deliverance 1The 2words 3of my transgressions]. 2 My God, I shall cry out by day, and you do not hear; and by night and it shall not be accounted for thoughtlessness to me. 3But you [2in 3the holy place 1dwell], the high praise of Israel. 4Upon you [2hoped 1our fathers]; they hoped, and you rescued them. 5To you they cried out, and they were delivered; upon you they hoped, and they were not disgraced. 6But I am a worm, and not a man; the scorn of men, and a contemptible thing of people. 7All the ones viewing me derided me; they speak with their lips, they shook their head, saying, 8He hoped upon the  lord, let him rescue him! Let him deliver him! for he desired him. 9For you are the one pulling me from the womb; my hope from the breasts of my mother. 10[2upon 3you 1I was cast] from the womb; from out of the belly of my mother [2my God 1you are]. 11Do not separate from me, for affliction is near, for there is no one helping me. 12[3surround 4me 2calves 1Many]; [2bulls 1hearty] compass me. 13They opened [2against 3me 1their mouths], as a lion snatching away and roaring. 14As water was poured out, even [3were dispersed 1all 2my bones]; [2became 1my heart] as beeswax melting away in the midst of my belly. 15[2was dried 3as 4a potsherd 1My strength], and my tongue cleaves to my throat. And to the dust of death you led me. 16For [3encircled 4me 2dogs 1many]; the gathering of the ones acting wicked compass me. They dug into my hands and my feet. 17They counted out all my bones, and they contemplated and looked upon me. 18They divided [2into parts 1my garments] to themselves; and over my clothes they cast a lot. 19But you, O  lord, [2should not be far 1your help] from me; [2to 3my assistance 1take heed]! 20Rescue [2from 3the broadsword 1my soul], and [2from 3the hand 4of the dog 1my only child]! 21Deliver me from the mouth of the lion, and from the horns of the unicorns of my humiliation! 22I shall describe your name to my brethren; in the midst of the assembly I will praise you. 23O ones fearing the  lord -- praise him! All together, O seed of Jacob, glorify him! Fear indeed of him all together, O seed of Israel! 24For he did not treat with contempt, nor loath the supplication of the poor, nor turned his face from me. And in my crying out to him, he heard me. 25[2is about 3you 1My high praise]. In [2assembly 1the great] I shall confess to you. My vows I shall render in the presence of the ones fearing him. 26[2shall eat 1The needy] and shall be filled up; and [4shall praise 5the  lord 1the ones 2seeking 3him]; [2shall live 1their hearts] into the eon of the eon. 27[6shall remember 7and 8shall turn 9to 10the  lord 1All 2the ones 3at the ends 4of the 5earth]; and [6shall do obeisance 7before 8him 1all 2the 3families 4of the 5nations]. 28For of the  lord is the kingdom; and he is master of the nations. 29[6ate 7and 8did obeisance 1All 2the 3hearty 4of the 5earth]; [8before 9him 7fell down 1all 2the ones 3going down 4into 5the 6earth]. And my soul lives for him. 30And my seed shall serve to him. [3shall be announced 4to the 5  lord 1The generation 2coming]. 31And they shall announce his righteousness to a people, to the one being born, whom [3made 1the 2  lord].
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