Psalms 25


The LORD is Truth and Mercy

A psalm to David.

1To you, O  lord, I lifted up my soul. 2O my God, upon you I have yielded. May I not be disgraced into the eon; nor let [2ridicule 3me 1my enemies]! 3 For all the ones remaining with you in no way shall be disgraced. Let [4be ashamed 1the 2ones acting lawlessly 3without cause]! 4 Your ways, O  lord, make known to me! and [3your paths 1teach 2me]! 5Guide me with your truth! and teach me that you are God my deliverer! and I waited on you all the day. 6Remember your compassions, O  lord, and your mercies! for [2from 3the 4eon 1they are]. 7[3the sins 4of my youth 5and 6my ignorance 1Do not 2remember]! but according to your mercy mention me to yourself, because of your graciousness, O  lord! 8Gracious and upright is the  lord; because of this he shall establish law for ones sinning in the way. 9He shall guide the gentle in judgment; he shall teach the gentle his ways. 10All the ways of the  lord are mercy and truth to the ones seeking his covenant and his testimonies. 11Because of your name, O  lord, atone my sin! [3great 1for 2it is]. 12Who is the man fearing the  lord? He shall establish law to him in the way, which he took up. 13 His soul [2in 3good things 1shall be lodged], and his seed shall inherit the earth. 14The  lord is a fortification of the ones fearing him; and his covenant he manifested to them. 15 My eyes are always towards the  lord, for he shall pull out [2from 3the snare 1my feet]. 16Look upon me and have mercy on me! for [3an only child 4and 5poor 2am 1I]. 17The afflictions of my heart were multiplied; [3from out of 4my necessities 1lead 2me]! 18Behold my humiliation and my toil, and forgive all my sins! 19Behold my enemies! for they were multiplied, and [4hatred 3with unjust 1they detested 2me]. 20Guard my soul, and rescue me! May I not be disgraced, for I hoped upon you. 21The guileless and the upright cleave to me; for I remained with you, O  lord. 22Ransom, O God, Israel from all his afflictions!
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