Psalms 27


Seek the Face of The LORD

A psalm to David; before his anointing.

1The  lord is my illumination and my deliverer, in whom shall I fear? The  lord is the defender of my life, from whom shall I be timid? 2In the approaching against me by the ones inflicting evil to devour my flesh, the ones afflicting me, and my enemies, they weakened and fell. 3If [2should deploy 3against 4me 1a camp], [2shall not 3fear 1my heart]. If [2should rise up 3against 4me 1war], in this I will be hopeful. 4One thing I asked of the  lord, this I shall seek -- for me to dwell in the house of the  lord all the days of my life; for me to view the delightfulness of the  lord, and to visit [2temple 1his holy]. 5For he hides me in his tent; in a day of my evils he sheltered me in concealment of his tent; in a rock he raised me up high. 6And now behold, he raised up high my head over my enemies. I encircled and sacrificed in his tent a sacrifice of praise and of a shout; I shall sing and strum to the  lord. 7Hear, O  lord, my voice which I cried out! Show mercy on me, and hear me! 8To you [2said 1my heart], I seek the  lord, I sought after you with my face. Your face, O  lord, I shall seek. 9You should not turn your face from me, and you should not turn aside in anger from your servant. [2my helper 1Become]! Do not curse me to be far away, and do not abandon me, and do not overlook me, O God my deliverer! 10For my father and my mother abandoned me, but the  lord took me to himself. 11Establish the law for me, O  lord, in your way! And guide me in [2road 1the straight], because of my enemies! 12Do not deliver me into the souls of ones afflicting me! For [3rose up against 4me 2witnesses 1unjust]; for [2lied 1unjustness] to herself. 13I trust to behold the good things of the  lord in the land of the living. 14Wait on the  lord! Be manly and fortify your heart, and wait on the  lord!
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