Psalms 28


The LORD Listens to His Servants

A psalm to David.

1To you, O  lord, I shall cry out. My God, do not remain silent from me! lest at any time you should remain silent, and I shall be likened to the ones going down into the pit. 2Hear, O  lord, the voice of my supplication! in my beseeching to you, in my lifting my hands towards [2temple 1your holy]. 3Do not draw me together with sinners! And [3with 4ones working 5injustice 1do not 2destroy me together]! of the ones speaking peace with their neighbors, but evils are in their hearts. 4Give to them, O  lord, according to their works, and according to the wickedness of their practices! [3according to 4the 5works 6of their hands 1Give 2to them]! Render their recompense unto them! 5For they perceived not unto the works of the  lord, even unto the works of his hands. You shall demolish them, and in no way build them up. 6Blessed be the  lord, for he heard the voice of my supplication. 7The  lord is my helper and my defender; upon him [2hoped 1my heart], and I was helped; and [2flourished again 1my flesh], and by my will I will make acknowledgment to him. 8The  lord is the fortification of his people, and [2the defender 3of the 4deliverances 5of his anointed one 1he is]. 9Deliver your people, and bless your inheritance, and tend them, and lift them up unto the eon!
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