Psalms 29


The Voice of The LORD is Majestic

A psalm to David; for the holiday recess of the tent.

Bring to the  lord, O sons of God, bring to the  lord offspring of rams! Bring to the  lord glory and honor! Bring to the  lord the glory of his name! Do obeisance to the  lord in [2courtyard 1his holy]! The voice of the  lord is upon the waters. The God of glory thunders. The  lord is upon [2waters 1many]. The voice of the  lord is in strength. The voice of the  lord is in majesty. The voice of the  lord breaking cedars; even the  lord breaks the cedars of Lebanon; and he shall thin them out as the calf of Lebanon; even the one being loved as a son of unicorns. The voice of the  lord cutting through the flame of fire. The voice of the  lord shaking the wilderness; and the  lord shall shake the wilderness of Kadesh. The voice of the  lord fashioning the hinds; and he shall uncover the groves; and in his temple all who say, Glory. 10 The  lord [2the 3flood 1shall settle]; and [2will sit 1the  lord] a king into the eon. 11 The  lord [2strength 3to 4his people 1shall give]. The  lord shall bless his people with peace.
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