Psalms 32


David Confesses His Lawlessness

A psalm to David; for understanding.

Blessed be whose [2were forgiven 1lawless deeds], and whose [2were covered over 1sins]. Blessed be the man to whom in no way the  lord should impute sin, nor is [2in 3his mouth 1treachery]. For I kept quiet; [2were grown old 1my bones] from my crying out the entire day. For day and night [2presses 3upon 4me 1your hand]. I was turned to misery by the [2sticking 3me 1thorn]. My lawlessness I made known, and my sin I did not cover. I said, I will declare openly against myself my lawlessness to the  lord. And you forgave the impiety of my heart. PAUSE. For this [3shall pray 4to 5you 1every 2sacred one] in [2time 1a fit]; only in a flood of waters many [3to 4him 1shall not 2approach]. You are my refuge from affliction encompassing me; my leap for joy to ransom me from the ones encircling me. PAUSE. I will bring understanding to you, and I will instruct you in this way which you shall go. I will stay [2upon 3you 1my eyes]. Do not become as a horse and mule in which there is no understanding; but with muzzle and bridle [2their jaws 1may you squeeze] of the ones not approaching to you. 10 Many are the whips for the sinner; [4the one 1but 5hoping 6upon 7the  lord 2mercy 3shall encircle]. 11 Be glad upon the  lord, and exult, O just ones! and let [6boast 1all 2the ones 3straight 4in the 5heart]!
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