Psalms 33


The Word of The LORD is Upright

A psalm to David.

1Exult, O just ones, in the  lord! To the upright [2is becoming 1praise]. 2Make acknowledgment to the  lord with the harp! With [2psaltery 1the ten-stringed] strum to him! 3Sing to him [2song 1a new]! [3well 1Strum 2to him] with shouts! 4For [5is upright 1the 2word 3of the 4  lord]; and all his works in trust. 5[3loves 4charity 5and 6equity 1The 2  lord]; [4of the 5mercy 6of the  lord 3is full 1the 2earth]. 6By the word of the  lord the heavens were solidified, and by the breath of his mouth all their force; 7bringing together as in a leather water bag the waters of the sea; putting in treasuries of the deeps. 8Fear the  lord all the earth! [2because of 3him 1and] let [6be shaken 1all 2the 3ones dwelling 4in the 5inhabitable world]! 9For he spoke, and they came to pass; he gave charge, and they were created. 10The  lord effaces plans of nations, and he annuls devices of peoples, and he annuls plans of rulers. 11But the counsel of the  lord [2into 3the 4eon 1abides]; the devices of his heart from generation and generation. 12Blessed is the nation of which the  lord is its God; a people whom he chose for his own inheritance. 13From out of heaven [3looks 1the 2  lord]; he beholds all the sons of men. 14From [2prepared 3home 1his] he looked upon all the ones dwelling on the earth. 15He is the one shaping [2alone 1their hearts]; the one perceiving in all their works. 16[2is not 3delivered 1A king] because of much force; and a giant shall not be delivered by the magnitude of his strength. 17[2is a false hope 1A horse] for deliverance, and in the magnitude of its power one shall not be delivered. 18Behold, the eyes of the  lord are upon the ones fearing him; the ones hoping upon his mercy; 19to rescue [2from 3death 1their souls], and to nourish them during famine. 20 And our soul waits on the  lord, for [2helper 3and 4defender 1he is our]. 21For in him [2shall be glad 1our heart]; and in [2name 1his holy] we hope. 22May [2come 1your mercy], O  lord, upon us, just as we hoped upon you.
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