Psalms 38


The LORD Sees the Vexed Soul

A psalm to David; for remembrance concerning the Sabbath.

1O  lord, let not your rage reprove me, nor your anger correct me! 2For your arrows were stuck in me, and [2stayed 3upon 4me 1your hand]. 3There is no healing in my flesh from the face of your anger; there is no peace in my bones from the face of my sins. 4For my lawless deeds are elevated above my head; as [2load 1a heavy] they were oppressed upon me. 5[2give out an odor 3and 4fester 1My stripes] from the face of my folly. 6I was in misery and bent down until the end. All the day [2looking downcast 1I went]. 7For my flanks were filled of mockeries, and there is no healing in my flesh. 8I was afflicted with evil and humbled, even unto exceedingly. I roared from the moaning of my heart. 9O  lord, before you is all my desire; and my moaning from you can not be concealed. 10 My heart is disturbed; [2abandoned 3me 1my strength]; even the light of my eyes, even it is not with me. 11 My friends and my neighbors right opposite me approached and stood; and the ones nearest to me [2from 3afar off 1stood]. 12And [4expelled me 1the ones 2seeking 3my life]; and the ones seeking bad things for me spoke follies; and [2on deceits 3the entire 4day 1they meditated]. 13But I, as a deaf-mute, did not hear; and was as one speechless not opening his mouth. 14And I became as a man not hearing, and not having [2in 3his mouth 1rebukes]. 15For upon you, O  lord, I hoped. You will hear, O  lord my God. 16For I spoke, lest at any time [2rejoice over 3me 1my enemies], and at the shaking of my feet [2against 3me 1they spoke great words]. 17For I [2for 3whips 1am prepared], and my suffering [3before 4me 1is 2always]. 18For my lawlessness I will announce; and I will be anxious concerning my sin. 19 But my enemies live, and are fortified over me; and [5multiply 1the 2ones detesting 3me 4unjustly]. 20The ones recompensing to me bad for good slandered me when they pursued righteousness. 21You should not abandon me, O  lord my God; you should not separate from me. 22Take heed for my help, O  lord of my deliverance!
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