Psalms 4


Put Your Hope in The LORD

For the director in hymns; a psalm to David.

1In my calling, [4heard 5me 1the 2God 3of my righteousness]; in affliction he widened me. Pity me, and hear my prayer! 2O sons of men, until when will you ease being heavy hearted? Why do you love folly, and you seek a lie? 3And know! that the  lord did a wonder for his sacred one. The  lord shall hear me in my crying out to him. 4Be angry, and do not sin! What you say in your hearts, [2upon 3your beds 1Let be vexed]! PAUSE. 5Sacrifice a sacrifice of righteousness, and hope on the  lord! 6Many say, Who shall show to us good things? [4was signified 5to 6us 1The 2light 3of your face], O  lord. 7You put gladness into my heart. Of the fruit of the grain, wine and olive oil -- [2of them 1they were filled]. 8In peace [2at 3the 4same place 1I will go to bed] and sleep. For you, O  lord, alone [3with 4hope 1settled 2me].
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