Psalms 44


God is Our Deliverer

To the director; to the sons of Korah; for contemplation.

1O God, [2with 3our ears 1we heard], and our fathers announced to us the work which you worked in their days, in [2days 1ancient]. 2 Your hand [2nations 1utterly destroyed], and planted them. You afflicted peoples and cast them out. 3For not by their broadsword they inherited the land, and their arm did not deliver them; but it was your right hand, and your arm, and the illumination of your countenance, for you thought well by them. 4You are he, O my king and my God, the one giving charge to the deliverances of Jacob. 5In you [2our enemies 1we will gore], and in your name we will treat with contempt the ones rising up against us. 6For not upon my bow will I hope; and my broadsword will not deliver me. 7For he delivered us from the ones afflicting us; and the ones detesting us he disgraced. 8In God we will be praised the entire day; and in your name we will make acknowledgment into the eon. 9But now you thrusted away, and disgraced us; and you shall not go forth, O God, with our forces. 10You turned us to the rear by our enemies; and the ones detesting us plundered for themselves. 11You gave us as sheep for food; and among the nations you scattered us. 12You rendered your people without a value; and there was no abundance by their shout. 13You put us for scorn to our neighbors; for a sneering and a taunting to the ones round about us. 14You put us as a parable among the nations; a shaking of the head among the peoples. 15[5the entire 6day 1My being made ashamed 3in front 4of me 2is], and the shame of my face covered me; 16even from the voice of the one berating and speaking improperly from in front of the enemy and the one banishing. 17All these things came upon us, but we did not forget you; and we did not do wrong by your covenant; 18and we did not leave [2to 3the 4rear 1our heart], nor turned aside our paths from your way. 19For you humbled us in the place of affliction; and [3covered over 4us 1the shadow 2of death]. 20If we forgot the name of our God, and if we opened and spread out our hands to [2god 1an alien], 21shall not God require these things? For he knows the secret things of the heart. 22For because of you we are being put to death the entire day; we are considered as sheep for slaughter. 23Awaken! Why do you sleep, O  lord? Rise up! and you should not thrust us away unto the end. 24Why [3your face 1do you 2turn] and forget our poorness and our affliction? 25For [2was humbled 3into 4the dust 1our soul]; [2was cleaved 3to 4the earth 1our belly]. 26Rise up, O  lord, help us and ransom us because of your name!
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