Psalms 48


Mount Zion the City of the Great King

A psalm; an ode to the sons of Korah; second Sabbath.

1Great is the  lord, and [2praiseworthy 1exceedingly] in the city of our God, in [2mountain 1his holy]. 2With good root, a leap for joy of all the earth -- mount Zion on the sides of the north, the city of the [2king 1great]. 3 God [2in 3her palaces 1is known], whenever he should assist her. 4For behold, the kings of the earth are being brought together; they went through together. 5They in seeing thus wondered; they were disturbed; they were shaken. 6Trembling took hold of them there -- pangs as a woman giving birth. 7By [2wind 1a violent] you shall break the boats of Tarshish. 8Just as we heard, so also we behold in the city of the  lord of the forces, in the city of our God. God founded it into the eon. 9We undertook, O God, of your mercy in the midst of your people. 10According to your name, O God, so also is the praise of you unto the ends of the earth. [3of righteousness 2is full 1Your right hand]. 11Be glad, mount Zion! and exult daughters of Judea! because of your judgments, O  lord. 12Encircle Zion, and take hold of her! Describe concerning her towers! 13Put your hearts for her force! and share about her palaces! so that you may describe to [2generation 1another]. 14For this is our God into the eon, and into the eon of the eon; he shall tend us into the eons.
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