Psalms 50


The Earth is The LORD's

A psalm to Asaph.

1The God of gods, the  lord spoke, and called the earth from the east sun unto its descent. 2From out of Zion is the attractiveness of his beauty. 3 God visibly shall come, our God, and he will not remain silent. A fire before him shall burn; and round about him [2gale 1an exceeding]. 4He shall call on the heaven upward, and the earth, to separate his people. 5Gathered to him are his sacred ones, the ones ordaining his covenant with sacrifices. 6And [3shall announce 1the 2heavens] his righteousness; for God is judge. 7Hear, O my people! and I will speak to you O Israel, and I will testify to you. The God, [2your God 1I am]. 8[2not 5over 6your sacrifices 1I will 3reprove 4you]; for your whole burnt-offerings [3before 4me 1are 2always]. 9I will not take [2from 3your house 1calves], nor [2from 3your flocks 1winter yearlings]. 10For [3mine 1it is 2all] -- the wild beasts of the field, the cattle on the mountains, and oxen. 11I know all the winged creatures of the heaven; and the beauty of the field [2with 3me 1is]. 12If I should hunger, in no way should I tell you, [5mine 1for 4is 2the 3inhabitable world], and the fullness of it. 13Shall I eat meats of bulls or [2blood 3of he-goats 1drink]? 14Sacrifice to God a sacrifice of praise! and render to the highest your vows! 15And call upon me in the day of affliction! and I shall rescue you, and you shall glorify me. 16But to the sinner God said, Why do you describe my ordinances, and take up my covenant through your mouth? 17For you detested instruction, and cast out my words to the rear. 18Since you viewed a thief, you ran together with him; and [3with 4the adulterer 2your portion 1you established]. 19 Your mouth abounded with evil, and your tongue twisted with deceits. 20In sitting down, [2against 3your brother 1you spoke ill]; even [3against 4the 5son 6of your mother 1to place 2an obstacle]. 21These things you did, and I kept quiet. You undertook lawlessness, for you thought I will be likened to you. I will reprove you, and I will stand [2in front of 3your face 1your sins]. 22Perceive indeed these things, O ones forgetting God! lest at any time he should snatch you away, and in no way should there be one rescuing. 23A sacrifice of praise shall glorify me, and there in the way I will show to him my deliverance.
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