Psalms 59


The LORD is My Shielder

To the director; do not corrupt; to David; for an inscription on a monument; when Saul sent and guarded his house to kill him.

1Rescue me from my enemies, O God, and [3from 4the ones 5rising up 6against 7me 1ransom 2me]! 2Rescue me from the ones working lawlessness, and [3from 4men 5of blood 1deliver 2me]! 3For behold, they hunted my life; [2put 3upon 4me 1strong ones]; nor is it because of my lawlessness nor my sin, O  lord. 4Without lawlessness I ran and straightened out. Awake to meet me, and see! 5And you, O  lord, the God of the forces, God of Israel, take heed to visit all the nations! You should not pity any of the ones practicing lawlessness. 6They shall return at evening, and shall be famished as a dog, and shall circle the city. 7Behold, they shall declare with their mouths; and the broadsword is in their lips; for they say, Who hears? 8And you, O  lord, shall laugh out loud at them; you shall treat with contempt all the nations. 9 My might to you I will keep, for you, O God, [2shielder 1are my]. 10 My God, his mercy shall go beforehand with me. My God shall show to me my desire on my enemies. 11You should not kill them, lest at any time they should forget your law. Disperse them by your power, and lead them down, [2my defender 1O  lord]! 12For the sin of their mouth, and the word of their lips, even let them be seized in their pride! even for cursing and lying which they shall declare. 13In consummation, by anger of consummation consume, that in no way they should exist; that they shall know that God is master of Jacob, and of the ends of the earth. PAUSE. 14They shall return at evening, and be famished as a dog, and shall circle the city. 15They shall be dispersed to eat, but if they should not be filled, then they shall grumble. 16But I shall sing to your power, and I shall exult in the morning of your mercy; for you became my shielder and my refuge in the day of my affliction. 17[2my helper 1You are], to you I shall strum; for you, O God, [2shielder 1are my], my God of my mercy.
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