Psalms 6


The LORD Delivers from the Enemy

To the director in hymns; for the eighth; a psalm to David.

1O  lord, you should not [3in your rage 1reprove 2me], nor [3in your anger 1correct 2me]. 2Show mercy on me, O  lord! for I am weak. Heal me, O  lord! for [2are disturbed 1my bones], 3and my soul is disturbed exceedingly. But you, O  lord, until when? 4Return, O  lord, rescue my soul! Deliver me because of your mercy! 5For there is no [3in 4death 1remembering 2you]; and in Hades, who shall make acknowledgement to you? 6I tired in my moaning. I shall bathe [2each 3night 1my bed]; with my tears [2my strewn bed 1I shall rain]. 7[2is disturbed 3from 4rage 1My eye]. I grow old in all my enemies. 8Remove from me all the ones working lawlessness! For the  lord heard the sound of my weeping. 9The  lord listened to my supplication. The  lord [2my prayer 1favorably received]. 10May they be put to shame and may they be disturbed -- all my enemies; may they be turned back and put to shame exceedingly, even quickly.
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