Psalms 60


God Helps Those in Affliction

To the director; for the changings; for an inscription on a monument; to David; for teaching when he set on fire Mesopotamia of Syria, and Syria Zobah; and Joab returned and struck Edom in the ravine of salts -- twelve thousand.

1O God, you thrusted us away, and demolished us. You were provoked to anger, yet you pitied us. 2You shook the earth, and disturbed it. Heal its breaks! for it was shaken. 3You showed to your people hard things; you watered us down with the wine of vexation. 4You gave to the ones fearing you a signal to flee from the face of the bow. PAUSE. 5So that [2should be rescued 1your beloved]. Deliver with your hand, and heed me! 6 God spoke in his holy place; I will exult, and I will divide Shechem, and the valley of the tents I will measure out. 7[2is mine 1Gilead], and [2is mine 1Manasseh], and Ephraim is the fortification of my head; Judah is my king; 8Moab is a kettle of my hope; over Edom I will stretch out my sandal. [3to me 1The Philistines 2submitted]. 9Who shall take me away into the city citadel? Or who shall guide me unto Edom? 10Will not you, O God, the one thrusting us away? And will you not go forth, O God, with our forces? 11Give to us help from affliction! for [3is vain 1deliverance 2of man]. 12In God we do powerfully, and he shall treat with contempt the ones afflicting us.
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