Psalms 61


Fear God and Abide unto the Eon

To the director; among the hymns to David; a psalm.

1Listen, O God, to my supplication! Take heed to my prayer! 2From the ends of the earth [2to 3you 1I cry out]. In the discouraging of my heart, [2in 3the rock 1you lifted me high]; you guided me. 3For you became my hope; the tower of strength from in front of an enemy. 4I will sojourn in your tent into the eons; I shall be sheltered in the protection of your wings. 5For you, O God, listened to my vows. You gave an inheritance to the ones fearing your name. 6Days upon days of the king; you shall add of his years unto days of generations and generations. 7He shall abide into the eon before God. [4mercy 5and 6truth 3his 1Who 2will seek]? 8Thus I shall strum to your name into the eons, for me to render my vows day by day.
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