Psalms 62


God is Our Deliverance

To the director; for Jeduthun; a psalm to David.

Shall not [3to 4God 2be submitted 1my soul], [3is by 4him 1for 2my deliverance]? For even he is my God, and my deliverer, my shielder. In no way should I be shaken by many. For how long do you put upon a man? [3slaughter 2all 1You] as a wall leaning and a fence thrusting through. But [3my honor 1they consulted 2to thrust away]. I ran in thirst; with their mouth blessing, but in their heart they cursed. But [2to 3God 1be submitted], O my soul! for [2is by 3him 1my endurance]. For he is my God, and my deliverer, my shielder; for in no way should I migrate. By God is my deliverance, and my glory; the God of my help; and my hope is upon God. Hope upon him, all you gathering people! pour out before him your hearts! for God is our helper. PAUSE. But [4are vain 1the 2sons 3of men]; [4are false weights 1the 2sons 3of men] in the yoke balance scales to do wrong. They are of folly all together. 10 Hope not upon unrighteousness, and [2after 3a thing seized 1long not]! If wealth should flow, set not the heart upon it! 11 Once God spoke, and these two things I heard; that might is of God, 12 and of you, O  lord, is mercy. For you recompense each according to his works.
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