Psalms 65


The Earth is The LORD's

To the director; a psalm of an ode; to David.

1[2is becoming to you 1A hymn], O God, in Zion; and to you [2shall be rendered 1the vow] in Jerusalem. 2Listen to my prayer! [4to 5you 1All 2flesh 3shall come]. 3[2words 1Lawless] overpowered us; but [3our impieties 1you 2shall atone]. 4Blessed is whom you chose, and took to yourself; he shall encamp in your courtyards. We shall be filled in the good things of your house, [2holy 3temple 1your]. 5Wonderful in righteousness -- heed us, O God our deliverer! He is the hope of all the ends of the earth, and of the ones in the sea afar; 6preparing mountains in his strength, being girded in dominion; 7the one disturbing the extent of the sea -- at the sounds of its waves who shall stand? 8[3shall be disturbed 1The 2nations], and [5shall fear 1the ones 2dwelling at 3the 4ends] from your signs. The exitings of the morning and evening you shall make happy. 9You visited the earth, and you intoxicated it. You multiplied to enrich it. The river of God is filled with waters. You prepared their nourishment, for thus is its preparation. 10 [2her furrows 1Saturate]! Multiply her produce! By her drops the produce shall be glad while rising. 11You shall bless the crown of the year, because of your graciousness; and your plains shall be filled in fatness. 12[6shall be fattened 1The 2beautiful 3mountains 4of the 5wilderness]; and [4in exultation 1the 2hills 3shall gird themselves]. 13[5shall put on wool 1The 2rams 3of the 4sheep], and the valleys shall multiply grain. They shall cry out, for even they will sing praise.
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