Psalms 66


Give Praise to The LORD

To the director; an ode; a psalm of rising up.

Shout to the  lord all the earth! Strum indeed to his name! Give glory of his praise! Say to God! How fearful are your works. In the magnitude of your power [2shall lie 3to you 1your enemies]. Let all the earth do obeisance to you, and strum unto you! Let them strum to your name the highest! PAUSE. Come and see the works of God! as fearful in counsels above the sons of men. The one converting the sea into dry land; in the river they shall go through on foot. There we shall be glad in him -- to the one being master in his domination of the eon. His eyes [2upon 3the 4nations 1look]. [2the ones 3greatly embittering him 1Let not] raise [2up high 1themselves]! PAUSE. Bless, O nations, our God! And cause [4to be heard 1the 2voice 3of his praise]! Even of the one who establishes my soul for life, and not granting [2for 3tossing about 1my feet]. 10 For you tried us, O God; you set us on fire as [2is set to the fire 1silver]. 11 You brought us into the snare; you put afflictions upon our back. 12 You set men over our heads; we went through fire and water; but you led us unto respite. 13 I will enter into your house with whole burnt-offerings. I will render to you my vows, 14 which [2drew apart 1my lips], and [2spoke 1my mouth] in my affliction. 15 Whole burnt-offerings being filled with marrow I will offer to you, with incense and rams. I will offer to you oxen with winter yearlings. PAUSE. 16 Come listen! and I will describe to you (all ones fearing God) as many things as he did for my soul. 17 To him with my mouth I cried out, and I raised up high by my tongue. 18 [3injustice 1If 2I had viewed] in my heart, let [2not 3listen to 4me 1the  lord]! 19 On account of this [2listened to 3me 1God]; he took heed to the voice of my supplication. 20 Blessed be the God who separated not from my prayer, nor his mercy from me.
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