Psalms 69


The LORD Delivers the Aching Soul

To the director; for the changings; a psalm to David.

1Deliver me, O God! for [2entered 1the waters] into my soul. 2I was stuck in [2slime 1deep], and there is no support. I came to the depths of the sea, and the gale sank me. 3I tired crying out; [2is sore 1my throat]. [2failed 1My eyes] from my hope upon my God. 4[4multiplied 5over 6the 7hairs 8of my head 1The ones 2detesting 3me]. Freely [2were strengthened 1my enemies], the ones driving me out unjustly; [3what 4I did not 5seize by force 1then 2I paid for]. 5O God, you know my folly, and my trespasses, [3from 4you 1they are not 2concealed]. 6[5not 1May 6be ashamed 7over 8me 2the ones 3waiting upon 4you], O  lord, O  lord of the forces. [5not 1May 6feel shame 7over 8me 2the ones 3seeking 4you], O God of Israel. 7For because of you I endured scorning; [2covered 1shame] my face. 8[2one being separated from 1I was] my brethren, and a stranger to the sons of my mother. 9For the zeal of your house devoured me, and the scornings of the ones berating you fell upon me. 10And I covered [2in 3fasting 1my soul], and it became for scornings to me. 11And I put on [2for my garment 1sackcloth], and I became to them as a parable. 12[6against 7me 5meditated 1The ones 2sitting down 3at 4the gates]; and against me they strummed, even the ones drinking wine. 13But I will cry in my prayer to you, O  lord, at a time of benevolence. O God, in the multitude of your mercies heed me in the truth of your deliverance! 14Deliver me from mud! that I should not be stuck. May I be rescued from the ones detesting me, and from the depths of the waters. 15[2not 6me 1Let 5sink 3the gale 4of water], nor let [2swallow 3me 1the deep], nor let [2constrain 4over 5me 1the well 3its mouth]! 16Listen to me, O  lord, for [2is gracious 1your mercy]! According to the multitude of your compassions look upon me! 17You should not turn your face from your servant, for I am afflicted. Quickly heed me! 18Take heed to my soul, and ransom it! [3because of 4my enemies 1Rescue 2me]! 19For you know my scorning, and my shame, and my remorse. Before you are all the ones afflicting me. 20[3scorning 2expected 1My soul] and misery; and I remained behind for one grieving, and he did not exist; and for ones comforting, but I did not find. 21And they gave [2for 3my food 1bile]; and for my thirst they gave [3to drink 1me 2vinegar]. 22Let [4become 1their table 2before 3them] as a snare, and for a recompense, and for an obstacle! 23Let [2be darkened 1their eyes] to not see, and their back always bent downwards! 24Pour out upon them your anger! and [2the 3rage 4of your anger 1may] overtake them. 25Let [2become 1their property] having been made desolate! and [4in 5their tents 1let there not 2be 3one dwelling]! 26For whom you struck, they pursued; and [2to 3the 4pain 5of my wounds 1they added]. 27Add lawlessness upon their lawlessness! and let not [2enter 3in 1your righteousness]! 28Let them be wiped away from out of the book of the living! and [3with 4the just 1let them not 2be written]! 29[2poor 3and 4aching 1I am]; your deliverance, O God, may it take hold of me. 30I will praise the name of my God with an ode; I shall magnify him in praise, 31and it shall please God above [2calf 1a young 4horns 3bringing forth] and hoofs. 32Let [2see 1the poor] and let them be glad! Inquire of God! and [2shall live 1your soul]. 33For [2listens to 3the 4needy 1the  lord]; and the ones of his being shackled he does not treat with contempt. 34Let [3praise 4him 1the 2heavens], and the earth, sea, and all the things crawling in her! 35For God shall deliver Zion, and [4shall be built up 1the 2cities 3of Judea]. And they shall dwell there, and they shall inherit her. 36And the seed of your servants shall hold her; and the ones loving his name shall encamp in her.
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