Psalms 72


The LORD Dominates All

For Solomon; a psalm to David.

1O God, [2your judgment 3to the 4king 1give], and your righteousness to the son of the king! 2to judge your people in righteousness, and your poor with equity. 3Let [3lift up 1the 2mountains] peace to the people, and the hills righteousness! 4He shall judge the poor of the people, and shall deliver the sons of the needy, and shall humble the extortioner. 5And he shall continue as the sun, and before the moon for generations of generations. 6He shall come down as rain upon fleece, and as drops dripping upon the earth. 7[2shall rise 3in 4his days 1Righteousness], and a multitude of peace until of which time [3should be taken away 1the 2moon]. 8And he shall dominate from sea unto sea, and from rivers unto the ends of the inhabitable world. 9[2before 3him 1Ethiopians shall fall down], and his enemies [2dust 1shall lick]. 10Kings of Tarshish, and the islands [2gifts 1shall bring]. The kings of the Arabians and Sheba [2with gifts 1will come forward]. 11And [6shall do obeisance 7to him 1all 2the 3kings 4of the 5earth]. All the nations shall serve to him. 12For he rescued the poor from the mighty one, and the needy one in whom no [2existed 1helper]. 13He shall spare the poor and needy; and the souls of the needy he shall deliver. 14From interest and from injustice he shall ransom their souls, and [2valued 3name 1his] will be before them. 15And he shall live, and there shall be given to him from the gold of Arabia. And they shall pray for him always; the entire day they shall bless him. 16There will be a support on the earth upon the tops of the mountains. [2shall be elevated 3above 4Lebanon 1His fruit], and they [3shall blossom 1of 2the city] as grass of the earth. 17[2will be 1His name] a blessing into the eons. [3before 4the 5sun 2shall abide 1His name], and [6shall be blessed 7by 8him 1all 2the 3tribes 4of the 5earth]. All the nations shall declare him blessed. 18Blessed be the  lord God of Israel, the one doing wonders alone. 19And being blessed is the name of his glory into the eon, and into the eon of the eon. And [4shall be filled 5of his glory 1all 2the 3earth]. May it be. May it be. 20[7are ended 1The 2hymns 3of David 4the 5son 6of Jesse].
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