Psalms 75


The LORD is Judge

To the director; do not destroy; a psalm of an ode to Asaph.

1I will make acknowledgment to you, O God; I shall make acknowledgment and shall call upon your name. I shall describe all your wonders. 2Whenever I should receive the appointed time, I [2in straightness 1shall judge]. 3[3is melted away 1The 2earth] and all the ones dwelling in it. PAUSE. I solidified its columns. 4I said to the ones acting unlawfully, Do not act unlawfully! And to the sinners, Do not exalt the horn! 5Do not lift up [2unto 3the height 1your horn], and do not speak against God in unrighteousness! 6For neither from exitings, nor from descents, nor from desolate mountains, 7for God is judge. This one he humbles, and this one he raises up high. 8For a cup is in the hand of the  lord [2wine 1of undiluted], a full mixture; and he leans it this way unto this other way, but its wine with dregs was not emptied out. [6shall drink 1All 2the 3sinners 4of the 5earth]. 9But I shall exult into the eon; I shall strum to the God of Jacob. 10And all the horns of the sinners I shall fracture in pieces together, and [5shall be exalted 1the 2horn 3of the 4just].
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