Psalms 78


Generations Shall Praise The LORD

A contemplation to Asaph.

Take heed, O my people, to my law! Lean your ear to the words of my mouth! I will open [2in 3parables 1my mouth]; I will utter riddles from the beginning; as many as we heard and we know them, and our fathers described to us. They were not hidden from their children for [2generation 1another]; but are reporting the praises of the  lord, and his dominations, and his wonders which he did. For he raised up a testimony in Jacob, and [2a law 1he put] in Israel, which he gave charge to our fathers, to make them known to their sons; so that [3should know 2generation 1another] -- the sons being birthed. And they shall rise up and report them to their sons, that they should put [2upon 3God 1their hope], and should not forget the works of God, but [2of his commandments 1shall inquire]; that they should not become as their fathers -- [4generation 1a crooked 2and 3greatly embittered]; a generation which did not straightened out its own heart, and [2was not 3trustworthy 4with 5God 1its spirit]. The sons of Ephraim stretching tight and shooting with bows, turned back in the day of battle. 10 They did not guard the covenant of God, and [4by 5his law 1they did not 2want 3to go]. 11 And they forgot his good works, and his wonders which he showed to them, 12 before their fathers; what [2he did 1wonders] in the land of Egypt in the plain of Tanis. 13 How he tore up the sea, and led them through; and he stood the waters as a water bag. 14 And he guided them with a cloud by day, and the entire night with the illumination of fire. 15 He tore open the rock in the wilderness, and he gave them a drink as in [2deep 1a vast]. 16 And he brought water from the rock, and he led it down as rivers of waters. 17 And they proceeded still to sin against him; they greatly embittered the highest in a waterless place. 18 And they put God to the test in their hearts, to ask foods for their lives. 19 And they spoke ill of God. And they said, Shall God be able to prepare a table in the wilderness? 20 For when he struck the rock, and there flowed waters, and rushing streams inundated, shall also [3bread 1he be able 2to give] or prepare a table for his people? 21 On account of this the  lord heard, and was raised in anger. And a fire was lit in Jacob, and anger ascended upon Israel. 22 For they did not trust in God, nor did they hope upon his deliverance. 23 And he gave charge to clouds far above, and the doors of heaven were opened, 24 and [2rained upon 3them 1manna] to eat; and [3the bread 4of heaven 1he gave 2to them]. 25 [3bread 4of angels 2ate 1Man]; [3provisions 1he sent 2to them] in fullness. 26 He departed the south wind from heaven, and he brought on by his power the southwest wind. 27 And he rained [2upon 3them 4as 5dust 1flesh]; even [3as 4the sand 5of the seas 2winged creatures 1feathered]. 28 And they fell in the midst of their camp round about their tents. 29 And they ate, and were filled up exceedingly. And [2their desire 1he brought] to them. 30 They were not deprived of their desire; but food was in their mouth, 31 and the anger of God ascended upon them; and he killed in their plenty; and the chosen ones of Israel he impeded. 32 In all these things they sinned still, and did not trust in his wonders. 33 And [2ended 3in 4folly 1their days], and their years with haste. 34 Whenever he killed them, then they sought him; and they turned and rose early to search for God. 35 And they remembered that God [2their helper 1is], and God the Highest [2ransomer 1is their]. 36 And they loved him by their mouth, but by their tongue they lied to him. 37  And their heart was not straight with him, nor did they trust in his covenant. 38 But he is one pitying, and he shall atone their sins, and he will not utterly destroy. And he will fill the turning of his rage, and shall not kindle all his anger. 39 And he remembered that they are flesh; a wind going forth and not returning. 40 How often they greatly embittered him in the wilderness; they provoked him to anger in [2land 1a waterless]. 41 And they turned and tested God; even the holy one of Israel they provoked. 42 They did not remember his hand the day of which he ransomed them from out of the hand of one afflicting; 43 or how he made [2in 3Egypt 1his signs], and his miracles in the plain of Tanis; 44 and he converted [2into 3blood 1their rivers], and their showers so as to not drink. 45 He sent to them the dog-fly, and it devoured them; and the frog, and it ruined them. 46 And he appointed the blight for their fruits; and [3for their miseries 1the 2locust]. 47 He killed [2by 3hail 1their grapevine], and their sycamine trees by the frost. 48 And he delivered up [2unto 3hail 1their cattle], and their possessions to the fire. 49 He sent out to them the anger of his rage; rage and anger and affliction; a commission through [2angels 1wicked]. 50 He opened the road of his anger; he did not spare [2from 3death 1their souls]; and [2their cattle 3to 4death 1he consigned]. 51 And he struck every first-born in the land of Egypt; first-fruit of all their toil in the tents of Ham. 52 And he departed [2as 3sheep 1his people]; and he led them up as a flock in the wilderness. 53 And he guided them with hope; and they were not timid, and [3their enemies 2covered 1the sea]. 54 And he brought them into [2mountain 1his sanctified]; this mountain which [2acquired 1his right hand]. 55 And he cast out [2before 3their face 1nations], and he allotted them by a line of inheritance. And he encamped [4among 5their tents 1the 2tribes 3of Israel]. 56 And they tested and greatly embittered God the highest; and his testimonies they did not keep. 57 And they turned and annulled, as also their fathers converted into [2bow 1a crooked]. 58 And they provoked him to anger in their hills; and in their carvings they provoked him to jealousy. 59 God heard, and he overlooked; and he treated [2with contempt 3exceedingly 1Israel]. 60 And he thrust away the tent of Shiloh, the tent in which he encamped among men. 61 And he delivered up [2into 3captivity 1their strength], and their beauty into the hands of the enemies. 62 And he consigned [2by 3the broadsword 1his people]; and his inheritance he overlooked. 63  Their young men were devoured by fire, and their virgins were not mourned for. 64  Their priests [2by 3the broadsword 1fell], and their widows shall not be wept over. 65 And [2awakened 3as 4from sleep 1the  lord]; as a mighty one being dizzy from wine. 66 And he struck his enemies unto the rear; [4scorn 3for eternal 1he appointed 2them]. 67 And he thrust away the tent of Joseph; and the tribe of Ephraim he did not choose. 68 He chose the tribe of Judah, mount Zion which he loved. 69 And he built [2as 3the unicorn 1his sanctuary] in the earth; he laid its foundation into the eon. 70 And he chose David his servant; and he took him from out of the flocks of the sheep; 71 even from behind the ones giving birth he took him, to tend Jacob his servant, and Israel his inheritance. 72 And he tended them in the innocence of his heart; and in the skillfulness of his hands he guided them.
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