Psalms 81


The LORD Leads Israel out of Egypt

To the director; for the wine vats; a psalm to Asaph.

1Exult to God our helper! Shout to the God of Jacob! 2Take a psalm, and utter a sound on the tambourine, [2psaltery 1and the delightful] with the harp! 3Trump during the new moon -- a trumpet in the well-marked day of your holiday! 4For [2an order 3to Israel 1it is], and a judgment by the God of Jacob. 5[3to be a testimony 4among 5Joseph 1He made 2it], during his coming forth from out of the land of Egypt; a tongue which knew not, he heard. 6He removed [2from 3tribute 1his back]; his hands [2to 3the 4hamper 1were enslaved]. 7In affliction you called upon me, and I rescued you. I heeded you in the concealed place of the gale; PAUSE. I tried you at Water of Dispute. 8Hear, O my people! and I will testify to you, O Israel, if you should hear me. 9There will not be in you a god newly made, nor shall you do obeisance to an alien god. 10For I am the  lord your God; the one leading you from out of the land of Egypt. Widen your mouth! and I shall fill it. 11But [2did not 3hear 1my people] my voice; and Israel gave no heed to me. 12And I sent them out according to the practices of their hearts; they shall go in their practices. 13If my people heard me, [2Israel 4by my ways 1if 3were gone], 14not the less would [2their enemies 1I humbled], and [3upon 4the ones 5afflicting 6them 1I would have put 2my hand]. 15The enemies of the  lord lied to him, and [2will be 1their time] into the eon. 16And he fed them of the fat of wheat; and [3from out of 4the rock 5with honey 1he filled 2them].
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