Psalms 83


The LORD Reigns Over His Enemies

An ode of a psalm to Asaph.

O God, who is likened to you? You should not keep quiet, nor soothe, O God. For behold, your enemies sounded, and the ones detesting you lift their head. Against your people they deal treacherously in design, and consult against your holy ones. They said, Come, for we should utterly destroy them from out of the nations; for in no way should [4be remembered 1the 2name 3of Israel] any longer. For they consulted in concord together; against you [2a covenant 1they ordained]; even the tents of the Edomites, and the Ishmaelites, Moab, and the Hagarites; Gebal, and Ammon, and Amalek; the Philistines with the ones dwelling in Tyre. For even also Assyria came together with them; they became an assistance to the sons of Lot. PAUSE. Do to them as to Midian, and to Sisera; as to Jabin at the rushing stream Kishon! 10 They were utterly destroyed in En-dor. They became as dung for the earth. 11 Make their rulers as Oreb and Zeeb, and Zebah and Zalmunna -- all their rulers! 12 Who said, We should inherit [4for ourselves 1the 2sanctuary 3of God]? 13 O my God, make them as a whirlwind; as stubble against the face of the wind! 14 as fire which shall burn up a forest; as a flame which incinerates mountains. 15 So shall you pursue them with your gale; and in your anger you shall disturb them. 16 Fill their faces with dishonor! and they shall seek your name, O  lord. 17 Let them be shamed and disturbed into the eon of the eon! And let them feel remorse and be destroyed! 18 And let them know that the name to you is, the  lord! You alone are highest over all the earth.
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