Psalms 88


The LORD Hears the Destitute

An ode of a psalm to the sons of Korah; for the director; by the harp to respond for contemplation to Heman the Israelite.

1O  lord, the God of my deliverance; [4day 1I cried out 5and 6at 7night 2before 3you]. 2Let [2enter 3before 4you 1my prayer]! Lean your ear to my supplication! 3For [2is filled 3of bad things 1my soul], and my life [2Hades 1approached]. 4I was counted with the ones going down into the pit. I became as [2man 1an incurable]; 5[2among 3the dead 1free], as ones slain sleeping in the tomb, whom you do not remember any longer; and they [2from out of 3your hand 1were thrusted away]. 6They put me in [2pit 1the lowermost], in dark places, and in the shadow of death. 7Upon me [2stayed 1your rage], and [4all 5your crests 1you brought 2upon 3me]. PAUSE. 8You distanced [3the ones 4knowing 5me 1from 2me]. You made me an abomination to them. I have been delivered up, and have not gone forth. 9 My eyes are weakened from poorness. I cried out to you, O  lord, the entire day. I opened and spread out to you my hands. 10Shall [3for the 4dead 1you do 2wonders]? or shall physicians rise up and make acknowledgment to you? 11Shall [4describe 1any one 2in 3the tomb] your mercy and your truth in the destruction? 12Shall [2be made known 3in 4the 5darkness 1your wonders]? and your righteousness in a land being forgotten? 13But I [2to 3you 4O  lord 1cried out]; and in the morning my prayer shall be with you beforehand. 14Why, O  lord, do you thrust away my soul, and turn your face from me? 15[2poor 1I am] and in troubles from my youth. But being raised up high I was humbled and left destitute. 16Upon me [2went 1your angers]; your frightful things disturbed me. 17They encircle me as water; the entire day they compassed me together. 18You put far from me friend and near one, and the ones knowing me, because of misery.
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