Psalms 90


The LORD is Unto the Eons

A prayer by Moses the man of God.

1O  lord, [2a refuge 1you became] for us unto generation and generation. 2Before the mountains existed, and [5took shape 1the 2earth 3and 4inhabitable world]; even from eon and until the eon you are. 3You should not return man unto humiliation, whereas you said, Return, O sons of men! 4For a thousand years in your eyes, O  lord, are as day -- yesterday which went, and is as a watch in the night. 5 [3their contempt 1Years 2shall be]; [2the morning 3as 4tender shoots 1may it go by]; 6[2in the morning 1blooming], and may it go by; in the evening it shall fall away, may it be hardened and dried up. 7For we faltered in your anger, and in your rage we were disturbed. 8You put our lawlessness before you; our eon in the illumination of your face. 9For all our days failed; even in your anger we failed. Our years are as of a spider meditating. 10The days of our years among them are seventy years; but if by commands -- eighty years, but much of them toil and misery; for [2comes 1mellowing] upon us, and we shall be corrected. 11Who knows the power of your anger? and [2because of 3the 4fear 5of your rage 1how to count out his days]? 12 [4your right hand 1So 2make known 3to me]! and the ones being corrected in the heart by wisdom. 13Return, O  lord! For how long? and give comfort unto your servants! 14We were filled up in the morning with your mercy, O  lord, and we exulted and were glad in all our days. 15We were gladdened because of the days you humbled us; years which we beheld bad things. 16And look upon your servants, and upon your works, and guide their sons! 17And let [5be 1the 2brightness 3of the  lord 4our God] upon us! And [4the 5works 6of our hands 1prosper 2for 3us] -- yes, [2the 3work 4of our hands 1prosper]!
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