Psalms 91


The LORD is My Refuge

A praise of an ode to David.

The one dwelling in the help of the highest, [2in 3the protection 4of the 5God 6of the 7of heaven 1shall lodge]. He shall say to the  lord, [2shielder 1You are my], and my refuge; my God, and I will hope upon him. For he shall rescue you from out of the snare of hunters, from [2matter 1a disturbing]. With his upper back he shall overshadow you, and under his wings you shall hope. [3with the shield 1He shall encircle 2you] of his truth. You shall not be afraid from fear by night, nor from an arrow flying by day, nor from a thing [2in 3darkness 1going], nor from an adverse incident, and the demon at midday. [2shall fall 3at 4your side 1A thousand], and myriads at your right hand; [3unto 4you 1but 2it shall not approach]. Only with your eyes you shall contemplate; and [2the recompense 3of sinners 1you shall see]. For you, O  lord, the one of my hope; [2the 3highest 1you made] your refuge. 10 There shall not come near to you bad things; and the whip shall not approach in your tent. 11 For to his angels he gives charge concerning you, to guard you in all your ways. 12 By hands they will lift you, lest at any time you should stumble [2against 3a stone 1your foot]. 13 [2upon 3the asp 4and 5cobra 1You shall set foot]; and you shall trample on the lion and dragon. 14 For [2upon 3me 1he hoped], and I shall rescue him. I will shelter him, for he knew my name. 15 He shall cry out to me, and I shall heed him. [2with 3him 1I am] in affliction. I will rescue him and glorify him. 16 [3with duration 4of days 1I will fill 2him], and I will show to him my deliverance.
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