Psalms 94


The LORD Recompenses Evil

A psalm to David; fourth of Sabbath.

1The God of acts of vengeance. The  lord God of acts of vengeance spoke openly. 2Rise up high, O one judging the earth! Render recompense to the proud! 3For how long sinners, O  lord, how long shall sinners boast? 4They will utter and speak injustice; [5shall speak 1all 2the ones 3practicing 4iniquity]. 5 Your people, O  lord, they humbled; and [2your inheritance 1they inflicted evil on]. 6The widow and orphan they killed; and the foreigner they murdered. 7And they said, [2shall not 3see 1the  lord], nor shall [4perceive 1the 2God 3of Jacob]. 8Perceive indeed foolish among the people! and O moron, [2at some time or other 1think]! 9The one planting the ear, does he not hear? or the one shaping the eye, does he not contemplate? 10The one correcting nations, shall he not reprove? The one teaching man knowledge; 11the  lord, he knows the thoughts of men, for they are vain. 12Blessed is a man whom ever you should correct, O  lord, and from out of your law you should teach him; 13 to calm him from [2days 1evil], until of which time he should have dug [2for the 3sinner 1the pit]. 14For [2shall not 3thrust away 1the  lord] his people, and [3his inheritance 1he shall not 2abandon]; 15until of which time righteousness returns for judgment, and having it are all the straight in heart. PAUSE. 16Who shall rise up to me against the ones acting wickedly? or who shall stand up with me against the ones working lawlessness? 17Unless that the  lord helped me, [2would 3shortly 4have sojourned 5in Hades 1my soul]. 18If I said, [2shakes 1My foot]; your mercy, O  lord, helps me. 19According to the multitude of my griefs in my heart, so your comforts made glad my soul. 20Shall [3adhere with 4you 1the throne 2of lawlessness], the one shaping trouble out of order? 21They shall hunt for [2soul 1a just], and [3blood 2innocent 1condemn]. 22But [2became 3to me 1the  lord] for a refuge; and my God for a helper of my hope. 23And he shall recompense to them their lawlessness; and according to their wickedness [3shall remove them from view 1The  lord 2God].
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